Steven P. Collier

STEVEN P. COLLIER is a nationally known trial lawyer who has been recognized since 1997 in The Best Lawyers in America, a referral guide to the legal profession in the United States. The publication Ohio Super Lawyers has recognized Collier since its inception in 2004. He is certified as a Civil Trial Advocate and a Civil Pretrial Practice Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Mr. Collier is an Associate in the American Board of Trial Advocates, Ohio Chapter (currently serving as President). He focuses his practice in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Mr. Collier is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum whose membership is limited to trial lawyers who have demonstrated exceptional skill, experience, and excellence in advocacy by achieving a trial verdict, award or settlement in the amount of one million dollars or more.
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He has also briefed and argued cases before the Ohio Supreme Court. Widely respected by his peers, Mr. Collier served as President of the Ohio Association for Justice from 2001-2002. He has been a Trustee of the Ohio Association for Justice since 1989 and a Fellow since 2003. Mr. Collier has been Chair of the Lawyers and Doctors Committee of the Toledo Bar Association. He is a member of the American College of Legal Medicine. In 2005, Collier authored the Minority Report for the Ohio Medical Malpractice Commission, a nine-member panel appointed to study the effects of the Medical Malpractice Bill (S.B. 281).

Mr. Collier has lectured extensively throughout Ohio for the Ohio Association for Justice, local bar associations, Ohio Legal Center Institute, and the National Business Institute in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice. He has served as Co-Chair of the Annual Fundraising for LAWO and ABLE which provides assistance for those who cannot afford attorneys. Also, he was appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio to serve on a task force to formulate guidelines for court reporter certification. Mr. Collier has been a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Toledo Medical Center since 1992 teaching Law & Medicine. He was an adjunct teacher at the University of Toledo College of Law teaching Trial Practice from 1997 to 2004. Since 2011, Mr. Collier has been using his many years of trial experience to serve as a mediator in cases.  For more information click here.

Mr. Collier graduated from Wittenberg University cum laude and from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, with honors. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1981. He is a member of the Toledo, Ohio State, and American Bar Associations and is a Fellow of the Ohio and Toledo Bar Foundations. Mr. Collier recently authored “Ohio Personal Injury – A Comprehensive Guide,” which explores the types of personal injury claims and provides insight into how the legal process works so as to better understand it. The Guide can be found at

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I have over 34 years of litigation experience, representing personal injury victims in a wide range of cases. I have advocated for personal injury victims in oral arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court and presented testimony before the Ohio legislature. Recently, I put my years of experience to use by writing the Ohio Personal Injury Guide. Some of my other accomplishments in the law are:

  • Past President of American Board of Trial Advocates (Ohio Chapter)
  • Past-President Ohio Associate of Justice
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy (Civil Trial Advocate)
  • Best Lawyers in America since 1977
  • Ohio Super Lawyers since 2004
  • AV rated Martindale Hubbell
  • Taught at University of Toledo College of Medicine and University of Toledo School of Law
  • Active mediation practice

Some of the important principles which have helped me accomplish these things were learned in Deshler, a small farm town in northwest Ohio, where I was raised. My family, friends and teachers taught me that hard work, honesty and empathy are mandatory components of success, no matter how it is defined. I have tried to live by these principles and to apply them in my daily life, as well as to the practice of law, for the past thirty-one years. In Deshler, almost every teenager’s first job was walking through the numerous corn fields detasseling corn so that hybrid seed corn could be created. The days were long and hot and the pay not so much. After spending my early summers detasseling corn, I later worked as a roofer, house insulator, plumber’s assistant, factory worker, waterline builder, and line-employee at the local egg processing plant. All of these experiences have allowed me to understand and appreciate both struggles and achievements. My background has allowed me to effectively empathize with the personal injury victims and I feel comfortable in the role of the underdog trying to bring back justice for my clients. I have worked on and resolved many types of personal injury and wrongful death cases. Several of these cases are listed below.

Cases Resolved by Trial or Settlement

A. Work Place Injury
1. Crane collapse resulting in death
2.  Scaffold collapse resulting in death
3.  Excavation cave-ins resulting in deaths
4.  Improperly secured steel coil tipped over on worker injuring leg
5. Worker struck by dump truck at work site
6.  Forklift pinned worker injuring back and leg
7.  Punch press injury resulting in amputation of hand
8.  Slip and fall on oil by employee at third party location
9.  Employee forced to work against doctor’s restrictions resulting in foot amputation
10.  Forklift operator fell off loading dock because truck wheels not properly blocked
11. Negligent transfer of hot petroleum product causing burns to arms and hands
12.  Fall off truck due to lack of place to safely stand
13.  Fall through ceiling of store due to defective catwalk
14.  Temporary wall fell over on employee causing injury

B. Vehicular
1.   Bus carrying college baseball team crashing resulting in injury and death
2.   Church van crashing resulting in injuries
3.   Multiple automobile collisions resulting in injury and death
4.   Multiple automobile/motorcycle collisions resulting in injury and death
5.   Multiple truck/auto collisions resulting in injury and death
6.   Multiple motor vehicle/pedestrian collisions resulting in injury and death
7.   Multiple bicycle/auto collisions resulting in injury and death
8.   Snowmobile collision resulting in severe injury and death
9.   Negligent operation of dump truck catching overhead wires and injuring worker
10.   Negligent operation of truck without proper lights resulting in death
11.   Debris falling off truck causing motor vehicle following it to crash
12.   Multiple uninsured motorist cases
13.   Multiple underinsured motorist cases

C. Medical Negligence
1.    Multiple birth injury cases
2.    Failure to diagnose thyroid cancer with resulting metastasis
3.    Failure to diagnose brachial artery occlusion resulting in below the elbow amputation
4.    Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism resulting in death
5.    Negligently performed breast replacement surgery
6.    Negligently performed bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery resulting in permanent injury
7.    Failure to surgically resect cancerous lung tumor
8.    Negligent injection causing permanent damage to arm
9. Negligently performed laparoscopic colosectomy
10. Negligent administration of wrong medication resulting in severe permanent brain injury
11.    Failure to diagnose unilateral cataract in child resulting in compromised vision
12.    Negligent administration of dye resulting in anaphylactic shock and death
13.    Failure to diagnose breast cancer
14.    Failure to properly transfer patient, resulting in fall
15.    Failure to prevent patient from wandering from nursing home – severe leg injury when fell
16.    Failure to prevent patient from wandering from assisted living facility – death
17.    Chiropractic malpractice resulting in stroke
18.    Failure of hospital to prevent patient from falling out of bed
19.    Negligent patient management resulting in stroke
20.    Negligent manipulation in physical therapy resulting in disc injury
21.    Failure to diagnose bone tumor
22.    Operating at wrong level during back surgery
23.    Failure to removal metal from eye after work place injury resulting in compromised vision
24.    Failure to diagnose bone tumor in leg
25.    Failing to remove forceps after surgery
26.    Negligent use of laser during gynecological surgery
27.    Wrongful diagnosis of cancer resulting in hysterectomy
28.    Failing to retain biopsy sample resulting in additional monitoring and emotional distress
29.    Negligent administration of physical therapy resulting in fracture

D. Product Liability
1.  Ortho Evra birth control – multi district litigation – injuries included stroke and deep vein thrombosis
2. Defective step stool that broke and collapsed
3. Defective lawn mower that tipped over
4.  Defective tree step that failed
5.  Asbestos claims

E.  Animal
1.  Dog bite
2. Dog knocking down bicyclist
3. Dog chasing child into traffic – struck by car
4. Horse kicked bystander

F.  Premises Liability
1. Slip and fall primarily at commercial establishments or apartments
2.  Deck collapse at house
3.  Negligence in failing to provide security resulting in sexual assault
4. Negligent failure to cut tree down resulting in tree falling on and killing child
5.  Negligent failure to warn and guard against dye pit – severe burns to victims
6.  Improperly stacked items at store falling on customer
7.  Winery collapse resulting in multiple injuries
8. Wire stretched over pathway resulting in death of bicyclist

G.  Cases Against Governmental Entities
1.  Car striking pot hole where road negligently maintained
2.  Car leaving road on loose stones due to failure to place proper signage
3.  Negligent supervision of furloughee who escaped and killed citizen
4. Police use of excessive force
5. School liability for death on road adjacent to playground
6. School liability for death at bus stop
7. Negligent operation of motor vehicle by sheriff deputy, resulting in serious injury to other motorist
8. High school student struck by discus

H.   Miscellaneous
1.  Railroad crossing deaths – motorists vs. train
2.  Propane explosion at home
3.  Overhead wire electrocution
4. Model plane going out of control and striking citizen in park
5.  Air hose malfunction at gas station resulting in injury
6.  Pharmacy error – wrong medication given
7. Food poisoning, resulting in sickness, hospitalization and death
8. Serving alcohol to intoxicated person who drove and caused multiple deaths
9. Serving of alcohol to minor who drove motor vehicle and was injured
10. Pipe bomb explosion at social event resulting in injury of bystander
11. Assault in restaurant/bar resulting in facial scar
12. Negligence of teenager shooting BB gun – brain injury
13. Negligence of teenager shooting paint ball gun – eye injury
14. Negligent operation of boat resulting in back injury to passenger
15. Bystander struck by shot put at high school track event
16.  Negligent hiring of worker who sexually assaulted customer

I.  Ohio Counties where cases have been resolved
1. Lucas
2. Fulton
3. Williams
4. Defiance
5. Henry
6. Wood
7. Paulding
8. Putnam
9. Hancock
10. Allen
11. Hardin
12. Clark
13. Montgomery
14. Butler
15. Hamilton
16. Clermont
17. Ottawa
18. Sandusky
19. Seneca
20. Erie
21. Wyandot
22. Delaware