Insurance Coverage

Attorneys at Connelly & Collier represent policyholders to obtain insurance coverage for a wide range of liabilities and losses. Our insurance coverage clients include organizations and individuals involved in banking, construction, food service, manufacturing, medicine, law, government, and warehousing.

Our work in obtaining insurance coverage arises in many contexts: asbestos, environmental contamination, professional and fiduciary liability, business interruption, construction, fire, directors and officers liability, mold damage, property damage, and intentional torts. Our emphasis is upon obtaining the maximum benefits to which our clients are entitled under the applicable insurance policies. When possible, this means working with the insurance companies to procure fair and reasonable settlements without litigation. When litigation cannot be avoided, we have prosecuted insurance-coverage lawsuits in federal and state courts, courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court of Ohio. For some clients, our efforts include the search to identify historical insurance coverages in order to maximize their application to the client’s present liabilities. This work involves knowledge of how multiple layers of coverage over many years can be accumulated to provide the best protection possible for a particular client.

Our experience has taught us that on occasion, insurance carriers have denied coverage to clients when, in fact, coverage was warranted by the existing insurance policy. Without the guidance our lawyers can offer, clients might be inclined to accept these denials. Clients who seek our advice have often found that the insurance carrier’s initial coverage denial was misplaced and the client was entitled to receive the protection provided by the insurance. We are available to assist attorneys and their clients with an analysis of insurance policies to determine coverage obligations, whatever the circumstances or policies.

We pride ourselves on our depth of experience in these wide-ranging areas and the breadth of the clients we represent. We have represented Owens Corning, Pilkington, N.A., Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, Lake Local School District, and others, for insurance coverage issues.

Steve Smith is certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a specialist in insurance coverage law. He is one of only 17 lawyers in Ohio who have received this certification. Mr. Smith was the lead attorney on the case Fed. Ins. Co. v. Executive Coach Luxury Travel, Inc., 128 Ohio St.3d 331, 2010-Ohio-6300, in the Supreme Court of Ohio which secured $21 million of insurance coverage for the families of those injured in the charter bus crash involving the Bluffton University baseball team.

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