Medical Malpractice

Connelly & Collier has extensive experience in evaluating and litigating medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice cases are often complex and, therefore, require careful analysis and review. We have contacts with health-care professionals to assist in the case analysis.

If you or a family member have suffered an injury which you believe may be related to medical negligence, you should contact an attorney immediately. Generally, a medical malpractice case must be filed within one year from the date of the malpractice.

If you have a valid claim, we will work with medical experts who can effectively, and forcefully, help a jury understand why you are entitled to compensation. Medicine is both science and art, so the opposing party will no doubt be able to find an opposing expert. As a result, you need to find an attorney with the resources and contacts to employ only the best expert witnesses.

Many of our medical malpractice cases were referred to us by other attorneys: that means you can rest assured that we have a reputation in the legal community for ethical, aggressive, and thorough representation of our clients.

If you or a family member has been injured by medical negligence, or you are an attorney with a medical claim beyond your present expertise, call us at 419.243.2100, so we can help you.

Sample Cases

  • Lucas County – Failure to diagnosis and appropriately treat thyroid cancer
  • Lucas County – Failure to diagnose cervical cancer despite three different pap-smears
  • Lucas County – Failure to diagnose brachial artery occlusion resulting in below the elbow amputation
  • Lucas County – Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism
  • Lucas, Seneca, Hancock, Allen Counties – Birth injury cases
  • Lucas County – Negligently performed breast replacement surgery
  • Seneca County – Negligently performed bilateral carpal tunnel surgery resulting in permanent injury
  • Allen County – Failure to surgically resect cancerous lung tumor
  • Allen County – Negligent injection caused permanent damage to arm
  • Seneca, Allen Counties – Negligently performed laparoscopic cholecystectomy